Donate old LEGO to help us create an animated replica of Cuttlefish Country!

We’ve decided that building a miniature model of the Lowly Peninsula out of Lego is the best way for us to recreate the under-represented history and current use of the region, as well as to illustrate future development and usage scenarios. Why Lego, I hear you ask? Well, put simply, it’s colourful, fun, flexible and it’s more accessible to work with than any computer rendering software. Seriously, 3D rendered models in CG have been done to death and look boring anyway! We’ll be completing the diorama in sections, and we’re relying on you, our dear friends, fans and supporters to help us resource the project, from the base-plates to the bricks and beyond.

lego ports

lego lighthouses & underwater scene

Our plan is to start by recreating the Port Bonython refinery and export facility.

We’ll also be recreating the adjacent coastline from Stony Point past Weeroona Bay to the Point Lowly lighthouse.

We will be representing social, environmental and industrial activities occuring in the area, and as such require figures, vehicles, bricks and accessories as per the following lists. You can also see some example images of the kinds of Lego items we’re looking for in the images in this post.

lego boats

lego mini-figures

Mini-Figures Tourists, beach-goers, divers, swimmers, fishermen, sailors, windsurfers, hikers, photographers, scientists, industrial workers, wharfies, truck drivers, park rangers, business people
Foliage flowers & stems, trees, sea-grass, seaweed
Base-plates Grey, brown, blue, green, creme, yellow, beach, shore, road, rail
Bricks & Pieces Grey, brown, black, white, creme, green, blue
Special Pieces Boat hulls, rail lines & sleepers, rail ore carts, hand-rails, pulleys, winches, windows, poles, sea creatures

lego ships & captain

lego rafts

In order to pull this off, we’re gonna need your bricks. Whatever you can spare! Every contributor will be accredited in the finished film. Go on, raid your cupboards and closets and send what you can spare to:

Danimations Pty. Ltd
c/o The Conservation Centre
157 Franklin St
SA 5000

lego fuel trucks


Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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