Download our template letter to call for the disclosure of SARDI desalination research

Yesterday, we wrote letters to the four South Australian Labor party MP’s directly involved with the proposed BHP Billiton desalination plant. As you would already know, this private sector infrastructure project to exclusively serve the Olympic Dam mine is threatening the Giant Australian Cuttlefish’s future. Our letter reminds Premier Rann, Treasurer Foley and Ministers Caica and Koutsantonis of the unresolved conflicting science surrounding the environmental risks this plant’s brine outfall poses to marine organisms. It makes a direct call for the public disclosure of a tax-payer funded SARDI (South Australian Research & Development) report into the proposed plant’s possible impact. We’ve created a template letter for you to download, customise and send… and we recommend you do so as a matter of urgency. Rann and Foley’s resignation is approaching on October 20th, and decisions will be made and announced regarding the Olympic Dam expansion in the intervening time.

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The SARDI research into the desalination plant was brought to my attention recently by Liberal MP Dan van Holst Pellekaan (Stuart), who along with fellows Peter Treloar (Flinders) and Steven Griffiths (Goyder) believe this information belongs in the public domain. You can read their press release on the issue here. SARDI research is funded by the tax-payers of South Australia, and the amount of public concern around the desalination plant and its impact on coastal communities and sustainable industries is significant. Fisheries and tourism can remain lucrative for South Australia long after the boom of the Olympic Dam mine expansion is past and must not be jeopardised unnecessarily. To recap on the concerns over the desalination plant’s effect on the marine environment, we recommend you watch this video interview with oceanographer, Jochen Kaempf.

After you’ve personalised our template letter, we recommend you print and sign it, and send it to the below addresses:

Hon P Caica
Minister for Environment and Conservation
GPO Box 1047

Hon A Koutsantonis
Minister for Mineral Resources Development
GPO Box 2832

Hon K O Foley
Minister for Defence Industries
GPO Box 464

Hon M D Rann
GPO Box 2343


Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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