Dr Gavin Mudd: Olympic Dam mine expansion’s environmental impacts from waste management and water extraction

Widely published Environmental Engineer Dr Gavin Mudd visited Adelaide from Monash University to address a meeting of concerned citizens on October 9th. Little did those present know that the following day, State and Federal Governments would grant environmental approval to the proposed mine expansion, and with it the continued use of Great Artesian Basin water at a rate of up to 42 million litres a day, in addition to over 200 million litres daily to be supplied by the Point Lowly desalination plant. Gavin Mudd is an expert in his field, and his 27 minute presentation was so densely packed with details about the mine’s operation, we simply had to share it with you. Fix yourself a cup of coffee and soak up this invaluable and underreported side of the Olympic Dam monster mine’s story. BHP Billiton’s quest to exploit the region’s uranium, copper, gold and silver reserves will cause massive environmental impacts by maintaining practises which despite State Government’s repeated mantra, fall well short of ‘world’s best practise’.


Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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