Special thanks to our documentary film sponsors

Our work on our Cuttlefish Country documentary feature film has not gone unnoticed, nor unsupported. In addition to our growing community of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and petition signatories, this post is an important acknowledgement of several organisations and individuals who in recent months have contributed to our project’s development with generous sponsorship offers. Sponsorhip opportunities remain open to individuals, groups and businesses whose values align with those to be expressed in the feature film… please email us if you’d like to make an enquiry. We have a separate acknowledgement page for our ecotourism sponsors here. We also have an easy way for anyone who values our work to make a spontaneous contribution, via the widget below.



Save Our Gulfs Coalition Logo

 Save Our Gulfs Coalition – Cash Sponsor

The not-for-profit organisation Save Our Gulfs Coalition first came to our attention through their efforts to argue a case against the development of the Port Stanvac desalination plant, designed to provide domestic water supply to greater Adelaide. Their argument demonstrated the slow-flushing nature and rich biodiversity of South Australia’s Gulf St. Vincent and expressed deep concern at the lack of scientific data to support the claims of presenting negligible risk to the marine environment. They firmly believe that the current management of surface water in SA leaves much to be desired, and that the need for a desalination plant in that case was secondary to the more desperate need for improved water conservation initiatives, storm and waste-water management systems. While our story focuses on Spencer Gulf (to the west of Gulf St. Vincent) we share common concerns with the Save Our Gulfs Coalition about the future of habitat and biodiversity loss. As such, it is with great delight that we welcome SOGC as a cash sponsor of our film production. SOGC has also previously sponsored our efforts to preserve the natural heritage of Spencer Gulf by including three of our Naturescope video episodes in their recent public art exhibition ‘The Demise or Otherwise of South Australia’s Gulfs’ which was hosted by Gallery M in Marion in early 2012.



Whyalla Caravan Park logo

Whyalla Caravan Park – Accommodation Sponsor

The management team at Whyalla Caravan Park have supported our film making efforts with special rates on accommodation at their lovely secluded site at Mullaquana, on the south side of town. Tucked away from the Lincoln Highway, yet in convenient proximity to the town’s airport, we have stayed here in many occasions during this production in a range of their accommodation offerings. From pitching a tent to staying in affordable, yet luxurious cabins, the Whyalla Caravan Park offers accommodation for all budgets and consistently friendly, personal service. We thank Kerry Ramke and her family for their support of our film making efforts, and highly recommend their spot to anyone visiting Whyalla- be it to see the cuttlefish, explore the town’s industrial past, enjoy a fishing holiday or relax on a stop-over for business.



Greg James Fishing logo

Greg James Fishing – Cash Sponsor

South Australian fishing celebrity Greg James approached us recently, keen to support our work to promote the preservation of Upper Spencer Gulf’s marine environment. Greg is an avid fisherman with roots on South Australia’s West Coast, where his great grandfather, a sail-maker from Fyn in Denmark settled back in 1884. Also a diver, surfer, swimmer and sea lover, Greg has a passion for the sustainable management of the marine environment. In June 2011, Greg James was appointed to the Marine Parks Council of South Australia to represent the recreational fishing community. We welcome Greg’s sponsorship and support of our efforts to raise awareness of the environmental and social values of Upper Spencer Gulf’s marine environment.



International Medcom logo

International Medcom – Geiger Counter Sponsor

Based in Sebastopol, California, International Medcom has provided our production with a high-end handheld surface contamination geiger-counter for use in our film. It is capable of detecting alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The Inspector Alert is lab calibrated, provides real-time digital readings and can plot detection data over time with GeigerGraph software. We will be using this device to take our own radiation measurements in South Australia, as we revisit remediated uranium mining and milling sites, and areas in proximity to operating uranium mines. This device should be considered for anyone concerned about exposure to fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi disaster of March 2011, potential contamination of food stuffs etc. It could also be utilised to test exposure to radon gas in home basements, workplaces etc. We thank International Medcom fondly for their support. Look out for their Inspector Alert on screen in the finished film.


water action coalition

Cash Sponsor – Water Action Coalition

The Water Action Coalition are a water justice advocacy and political lobby group, based in South Australia. The mission of WAC is to ensure a sustainable water future for South Australia. Such a future would guarantee the equitable use of all water resources, without compromising the health of interdependent ecosystems for future generations. You can find out more about their work at their website.



Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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