Want us to bring our Cuttlefish Country documentary film to your town? Demand it!

If issues related to coastal and industrial development, extractive industries, pollution, governance and environmental impacts resonate with you or your community, we’d love to hear from you. In fact, we’d like you to help us plan our screening tour, starting in 2016. We invite you, wherever you may be, to click on the ‘Demand it’ widget below to register a request for a screening in your town. If you’re in Australia, we’ll do our best to deliver the screening in person and offer your community a chance to ask us questions about the making of the film and the issues it raises and attempts to address. We will also be encouraging local host communities to use the film to provide context for the discussion of local development and resource-use issues with similar themes.

Is your town being affected by the expansion of extractive industries or coastal development? Is your community divided between promises of economic opportunities and threats of social and environmental costs? If so, we look forward to sharing this timely South Australian story with you.



Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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