The Damage RePORT: Where to for SA’s Mining Boom?

Last week, Cuttlefish Country‘s director Dan Monceaux gave a short talk and presentation at the Conservation Council of South Australia‘s AGM. The presentation, entitled Damage RePORT: Where to for SA’s Mining Boom briefly describes the current state of play for South Australia’s growing mining sector, drawing much needed attention to the less discussed projects which were previously hidden in the shadow of the Olympic Dam project. The presentation runs a little over 13 minutes (with audio) and draws attention to the infrastructure requirements of miners as they transition from exploration activities to working mines and blaze their export pathways. Port and desalination plant developments around Spencer Gulf are a key focus, following on from the hot debate over the location of the BHP Billiton desalination plant proposed for Olympic Dam. As our Cuttlefish Country project friends and fans will already know, there’s a lot more ahead in the promised ‘mining boom’ for South Australia, and we must ready ourselves to ensure that environmental and social impacts are not unacceptably grave.




Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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