The development of major mining, oil and gas in South Australia

This 23 minute presentation was prepared for and presented to students at TAFE SA in October of 2012. Cuttlefish Country’s director Dan Monceaux was asked if he could provide students with a primer on the development of mining in South Australia, putting major mines on the map and providing some context for the economic growth the State is expecting in the years immediately ahead. Starting with the cryptic image of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Dan discusses the role of South Australia in the development of the Broken Hill Proprietary (BHP) and the Australian steel industry. He also describes the development of Santos’ oil and gas extraction and processing operations in SA and the ‘elephant’ of an ore body, known as the Olympic Dam mine. The state’s role in the development of iron ore and uranium mining in Australia is a key focus, which provides some useful historical context for the anticipated South Australian mining boom. The reinvigorated mining sector today leverages much of its future prospects off these long established commodities. The presentation is accompanied by audio, and can be watched in the widget below. For a primer on what’s to come, we recommend watching another 13 minute presentation ‘Where to for the SA Mining Boom?’




Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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