Global citizens appeal for Giant Australian Cuttlefish protection

Back in August of 2011, we opened a petition calling for the protection of the Giant Australian Cuttlefish of Northern Spencer Gulf, and a moratorium on proposed developments threatening their habitat at Point Lowly, South Australia. The petition has since attracted signatures from 68 nations, and many citizens have left thoughtful and passionate comments. Below are some of our favourites from the 3,400 signatures collected so far.

A cuttlefish expresses his concern - artwork by Heather LeMay

A cuttlefish expresses his concern – artwork by Heather LeMay

If you are yet to sign our petition, please do so… and if you already have, why not share it again with your friends via email and social media? The cuttlefish desperately need protection, and people power is required to demand action from our South Australian Premier, Environment, Fisheries and Tourism Ministers. Wherever you’re from, if you care about protecting biodiversity and bringing these animals back from the brink, follow our simple three step guide. To see what others have said about the need for cuttlefish protection, simply read on…

USA #591 Aug 24, 2011 – Dr Roger Hanlon, Brown University, Massachusetts, USA

This spawning aggregation of cuttlefish is the ONLY one known in the world – and I have searched the globe for 30 years. My students, colleagues and I have studied it for over a decade; it deserves international heritage status for its uniqueness and biological richness. This is an opportunity for industry, local fishers and regional legislators to recognize its uniqueness and scientific value, and to protect it rather than exploit it for short term gains.

#3277 Oct 30, 2012 – Mrs. Sheridan Adams

We have this sensational world-renowned natural event right on our doorstep, PLEASE do what you can to protect our cuttlefish population. Please, do the right thing!!

#3261 Oct 17, 2012 – Ms. Janine Mckinnon

I have heard a world class wildlife documentary maker describe the Giant Cuttlefish breeding event near Whyalla as the greatest marine breeding event in the world. I have scuba dived during the breeding season twice and it was a truly amazing experience. What a tragedy to see the demise of this amazing spectacle.

Australia #3260 Oct 17, 2012 – Alexander Murchison

As a diver and a resident of South Australia I find it incredible that our state government seems to be unwilling to take any steps to protect these unique creatures.

#3230 Sep 07, 2012 – Mr. Henry Inglis

It is of the utmost importance that we protect this site for future generations, scientific study, and tourism.

#3131 Jul 04, 2012 – Mr. Michael Coughlan

We need governments who care about the the environment and sustainable development, we currently see only examples of where our governments actions continually fly in the face of these principals.

#2818 Nov 19, 2011 – Mary Chapman

As making money seems to be the main driver for the government, can’t they see the huge potential for tourism if they conserve the giant cuttlefish and support local businesses associated with it? If the cuttlefish go, so will many other marine species. Save the cuttlefish and let tourism and small businesses thrive.

#2575 Oct 10, 2011 – Shane Penny

This is a unique location and event in the world, once it’s lost, it is gone forever…

USA #2556 Oct 07, 2011 – Mrs. Jessica Barnett, Vermont, USA

I would rather Whyalla be on the map for an environmental master piece, rather than an environmental disaster! PLEASE PROTECT this wild life phenomenon!

Australia #1,872 Sep 12, 2011 – Fiona Wallace, Australia

This level of environmental destruction is like punching your grandchildren in the face.

USA #1,722 Sep 12, 2011 – Chris Snead, California, USA

I just came back from a vacation to Australia. During my stay I was able to spend some time exploring your beautiful oceans and the absolute wonderment I felt there still stays with me today. I sincerely hope you will realize that your oceans and the incredible life therein are your countries greatest national treasure. Please protect them, from whale to krill and everything in between.

Canada #1,623 Sep 12, 2011 – Blythe Nilson, Canada

Australia’s reputation as a conservation leader and a tourist destination are at risk along with the cuttlefish.

United Kingdom #1,520 Sep 12, 2011 – Name not displayed, United Kingdom

It’s the ONLY KNOWN PLACE IN THE WORLD! For crying out loud, what are you thinking?!

Germany #1,410 Sep 12, 2011 – Name not displayed, Germany

It’s a shame that this petition is even necessary.

USA #1,047 Sep 11, 2011 – Robert Bevins, Kentucky, USA

The Giant Australian Cuttlefish is a truly amazing species… one I use as an example in my biology classes of instinctive intelligence and inheritance of specific behaviors. The loss of one of it’s most important breeding grounds would be a tremendous tragedy.

Australia #1,010 Sep 09, 2011 – Carsten Orlt, Australia

We personally had a chance to witness the mating aggregations in Whyalla, and once you have seen them with your own eyes you know that it is a true marvel of nature. This site should be World Heritage listed. Whyalla is worth way more in the long run with cuttlefish, than it is with short term mining profits!

Australia #980 Sep 04, 2011 – Peter Waanders, Australia

Short-term ignorance or a long-term solution that future generations will applaud: the choice is yours, Premier!

Australia #839 Aug 26, Matt Lindqvist, Australia

I grew up with these things as a kid living in Whyalla. don’t take that away from future generations with irreversible ecological damage.

France #810 Aug 26, Katherine Stanton, France

I’ve been to the site, and done some research diving in the large populations that gather here. It is truly a UNIQUE resource and spawning ground.

USA #670 Aug 25, 2011 – Jean Boal, Pennsylvania, USA

This is the top site for studying cephalopod behavior in the wild and would make an excellent marine conservation and park site.

Australia #600 Aug 24, 2011 – Cobus Gerber, Australia

Instead of seeing this issue as a nuisance, see it as an opportunity to promote SA and its attractions.

Australia #503 Aug 22, 2011 – Jade Walker, Australia

As a reporter, diver, and someone passionate about the environment, it is sad to see such a unique spectacle come under threat. It’s happened too many times that we have to wait for something to become fully exploited until anyone cares. Already this species attracts divers, tourists, film crews, scientists and researchers from all over the world. So if Whyalla had the correct facilities, this could become a huge attraction and a boost for the Eyre Peninsula’s economy. South Australia is too often being targeted as ‘a boring state’, so let’s show how special this state really is.

Australia #502 Aug 22, 2011 – Kate Bilney, Australia

We need to make sure they are here for years, and years to come, because they are part of our important region. They are part of Whyalla!

New Zealand #457 Aug 21, 2011 – Linda Lau, New Zealand

We need to protect our sea life before it is too late. This species is already under threat.

Australia #438 Aug 21, 2011 – Celia Brissenden, Australia

Please Premier, don’t leave as your legacy the destruction of this unique, significant ecosystem.

Australia #434 Aug 21, 2011 – Allan Bretag, Australia

I have snorkeled with the Giant Australian Cuttlefish earlier this year and a couple of years ago. They are one of the wonders of the world’s oceans, in their own unique way equaling the whale sharks and coral reefs which get far more publicity. They deserve the same attention and conservation measures. Their fragile ecosystem must be protected.

Australia #377 Aug 20, 2011 – Grant Saler, Australia

These creatures are amazing… I urge you to at least snorkel with these wonderful animals to see why they must be protected.


Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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