Cuttle Scuttle computer game (public Beta) now available on

Back in 2013, we began work on a side-project, designed to tie in with the making of our documentary film Cuttlefish Country. Two years later, we’re pleased to say that the game, Cuttle Scuttle, is now available for you to purchase and play on Windows PCs (with other platforms to follow in 2016). This is a Beta release, but any buyers of the game will be entitled to perpetual updates as extra polish and a few additional features are added.

Diabolical dolphins!

Diabolical dolphins!

Cuttle Scuttle is the product of our observations and understanding of the threats (both natural and human) that giant Australian cuttlefish face along the rocky reefs near Point Lowly in upper Spencer Gulf, South Australia. It has grown from an idea which had similarities to vintage computer games like Bubble Bobble and Ms. Pacman into something much more complex and with educational potential. In order to survive and succeed in the game, players must develop the same skills that cuttlefish use in the wild to protect themselves from predators and their eggs from disturbance.

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Cuttle Scuttle is an indie game with a tiny development team. I am responsible for the concept, art, design and sound effect and Adam Jenkins handles the programming. Julian Shank (aka Cuttlefish) has contributed a chip-tune soundtrack, comprised of tunes from his back catalog of two albums, plus some original material written specifically for the game.

We demonstrated the game at several events back in 2014, before rebuilding it from scratch using GameMaker Studio Pro in 2015. This decision will allow us to export versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and even some consoles in 2016, once we’re happy that Beta version has everything in place and is rock solid. One of the most exciting developments since 2014 is an expansion to allow 3 players to play cooperatively on a single computer. Another is the inclusion of a number of special ‘feeding frenzy’ zones, where the focus shifts from mating and egg laying to feasting upon sardines.

The Beta release of Cuttle Scuttle is available now on for US$2.99, and we can guarantee hours of fun through 23 zones of increasingly intense cuttlefish survival.



Dan Monceaux


Dan Monceaux is a South Australian documentary filmmaker and the director of Cuttlefish Country.

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