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A passion for Cuttlefish Country drives young filmmakers’ enquiry

Dan and Emma Monceaux (nee Sterling) share passions for film-making, nature, justice and sustainable development. Their interest in Cuttlefish Country began in 2002 with Dan’s initial fascination with the Giant Australian Cuttlefish migration. More recently, the proposed industrialisation of the Point Lowly Peninsula prompted them to urgent action, and the pair is currently involved in storytelling and activism roles, rallying for the protection of these animals, their habitat and the wider environmental and social values of Spencer Gulf. As native Youtubers of some four years now, the pair also produce NatureScope, a series of online videos providing inspiring and informative short-form Australian nature documentaries online. Naturescope episodes introducing the splendid biodiversity of the Point Lowly Peninsula are now available, along with photo products to purchase and share. Cuttlefish Country is principally funded from Dan and Emma’s own pockets, and your purchases of their work and products will help not only raise awareness of the cuttlefish’s plight, but also contribute directly to the video series and film’s ongoing production expenses. We have recently announced several sponsors, and invite expressions of interest from individuals, community groups and businesses who may wish to offer support to our production or co-present screenings of the film once complete (late 2012).

Dan Monceaux sets a remote camera at Black Point, August 2009

Emma Sterling shoots sunset at Black Point, August 2011

Emma Sterling shoots sunset at Black Point, August 2011

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