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The Point Lowly Peninsula is the only known place in the world where hundreds of thousands of Giant Australian Cuttlefish once gathered to breed. We need your help to urge the State Government of South Australia to protect this wildlife phenomenon from proposed industrial impacts.

Other fish species also spawn in the area including Snapper, Western King Prawns, Squid, Eagle Rays and Port Jackson Sharks. The Upper Spencer Gulf ecosystem also supports two local dolphin pods and visiting whales.

A desalination plant is currently proposed for the Point Lowly Peninsula. If approved, its operation will release salty brine into this sensitive ecosystem. Scientific studies have shown that increased salinity kills cuttlefish and squid eggs.

The Giant Australian Cuttlefish and Upper Spencer Gulf fish nurseries need your help. Sign and share our petition and urge our State Premier to insist on relocating the proposed desalination plant to a less vulnerable area.

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Desal brine kills! Save the Cuttlefish! Bumper Sticker

Desal brine kills! Save the Cuttlefish! Bumper Sticker

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