Cuttle Scuttle

Cuttle Scuttle is a three player retro cooperative arcade game with a nod to several classics, including Ms. Pacman and Bubble Bobble. It’s breeding season at Point Lowly, and cuttlefish heroins, Lola, Lulu and Mimi, must navigate a hazardous series of rocky reefs, find cuttlefish mates and lay enough eggs to ensure their species’ survival. Brimming with tasty crustaceans, troublesome urchins, hungry dolphins and meddling humans, Cuttle Scuttle offers 23 zones of increasingly frantic game-play and plenty of surprises!

This game is a Cuttlefish Country side-project and entered public Beta testing on 4 December 2015. You can download the game as an early access purchase at .



We also need your support to advance the game through the Steam Greenlight process and reach a global audience.

The game development team consists of:

Playtesting and demonstration sessions of the Alpha version of the game were held at AVconScience Alive! expo and was a finalist in Simtect conference’s Serious Games Showcase in 2014.

The game is also intended to be released in Android and iStore marketplaces once complete.

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