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Public responses to saving Cuttlefish Country

In our first week of rallying to collect signatures on a petition to tackle our first goal, to call for the relocation of the desalination plant proposed for Point Lowly, we raised over 500 signatures from concerned citizens of the world. Our petition has now been signed by over 900 people. Here are some of the responses passionate individuals of all walks of life have left for our State and Federal Governments to consider! The petition will remain open until we reach our target of 5000 signatures.

#884 21:29, Aug 28, Rob Harcourt, Australia

We have a duty to care for this amazing aggregation site and should do everything in our power to not threaten its very existence.

#872 10:04, Aug 28, Hannah Campbell, FL, USA

Industrialize responsibly!

#853 02:05, Aug 27, Andrew Dunstan, Australia

The site has properties which attract many other species to spawn there and as such is obviously unique and crucial to an entire southern Australian marine ecosystem. You have other desalination sites, you don’t have other natural marine ecosytems to replace this.

#850 00:31, Aug 27, Peter Godfrey-Smith, NY, USA

This is a unique biological phenomenon which should be carefully protected. There is nothing like it in anywhere else in the world.

#839 17:40, Aug 26, Matt Lindqvist, Australia

I grew up with these things as a kid living in whyalla. don’t take that away from future generations with irreversible ecological damage.

#825 09:49, Aug 26, Russ Neal, PR, USA

To unknowingly step on an insect is tragic, to knowingly endanger multiple species is unconscionable.

#810 06:39, Aug 26, Katherine Stanton, France

I’ve been to the site, and done some research diving in the large populations that gather here. It is truly a UNIQUE resource and spawning ground.

#670 11:41, Aug 25, Jean Boal, PA, USA

This is the top site for studying cephalopod behavior in the wild and would make an excellent marine conservation and park site.

#655 10:47, Aug 25, mendel singer, OH, USA

The Giant Australian cuttlefish is one of the great wonders of the world, the star of exhibits. It excites children to want to learn more about sea creatures. It is also a great tourist attraction in Australia. Please do not allow industrial activity that may harm this most fascinating species that upon seeing becomes one of the great memories of one’s life.

#600 21:21, Aug 24, Cobus Gerber, Australia

Instead of seeing this issue as a nuisance, see it as an opportunity to promote SA and its attractions.

#591 18:57, Aug 24, Roger Hanlon, MA

This spawning aggregation of cuttlefish is the ONLY one known in the world – and I have searched the globe for 30 years. My students, colleagues and I have studied it for over a decade; it deserves international heritage status for its uniqueness and biological richness. This is an opportunity for industry, local fishers and regional legislators to recognize its uniqueness and scientific value, and to protect it rather than exploit it for short term gains.

#561 00:02, Aug 24, Michael Venning, Australia

Discharging excess salt into this piece of water may wipe out this unique species. Don’t wait until it is too late, don’t risk it at all. Put the desal plant somewhere else. These creatures have been here for a very long time, far longer than BHP Billiton will be.

#554 20:48, Aug 23, Name not displayed, Australia

Ecosystems rely on ALL the organisms in it to function well and maintain balance. If we lose the Giant cuttlefish, who knows what else will be impacted that could have disastrous effects on many other areas of this ocean habitat!

#542 16:51, Aug 23, Name not displayed, Australia

My kids and their kids should have a chance to see these wondourous creatures. There is no way you can know what impact the desal plant will have on these creatures. Lets err on the side of caution not politics.

#509 20:27, Aug 22, Helen Wilde, Australia

Money comes and goes, whilst the gifts of nature once lost do not return. Save this ecosystem now.

#503 18:52, Aug 22, Jade Walker, Australia

Already this species attracts divers, tourists, film crews, scientists and documenters from all over the world. So if Whyalla had the correct facilities, this could become a huge attraction and a boost for the Eyre Peninsula’s economy. And again, South Australia is too often being targeted as ‘a boring state’. So let’s show how special this state really is.

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